Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Day 10 - I'm in Labrador

Woke up 5:40AM, had my usual noodles and coffee and went on to St. Anthony to see if there were any icebergs or wales, - there were either…

Arrived at the Labrador ferry terminal at 10AM, some three hours before departure and bought the ticket for $12.70 canadians - one way…

Once on board, had a lunch with soup, cheeseburger and famous Canadian Poutine (regular fries topped with cheese and gravy). Bye-bye Newfoundland, the Big Rock...

Hello Labrador, the Big Land

In Quebec province, where ferry arrives, some 3 miles before Labrador ferry

I'm camping in Pinware River Provincial park, being eaten by Labrador famous Black Flies.

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