Thursday, August 11, 2016

Day 5 - Arrival to the Rock

Took of Wednesday morning at 7:40AM, 2.5 hours from when I woke up… It was still dark and I started packing, with a bowl of noodles and a cup of coffee…

Really, rode to North Sydney at Cape Breton Island non-stop, only for gas, and, in Antigonish, Nova Scotia,, to exchange the currency… For 400 US dollars they gave me roughly 500 CAN dollars. Money is pretty cool

Passed Cabot Trail and on to the port… Few pictures from the ride.

While waiting for the ferry loading, at the terminal, looked at the information board showing two times, Port Departure and Port Arrival. Apparently, well, I already knew that, Eastern Canada Provinces are one hour ahead of Eastern Time Zone, and in Atlantic Time zone… Newfoundland is in it's own zone - Newfoundland, - 30 minutes ahead of Atlantic… Isn't it cool? 

I'm on my cell phone data Hot Spot wifi, ferry about to dock…

Here is some more pictures

Getting money exchange in Antigonish

This french speaking fella been shining his bike for 2 hours

Here is my cabin

Gotta go, see you...

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